San Lung wine – a specialty of Sapa

Sapa- the fanciful town in fog is considered a gateway to another world of mysterious minority cultures and luscious landscapes. Coming to Sapa, visitors are not only overwhelmed in unique cuisines but also can try the famous wine brands in here.

Coming to Lao Cai, the tourists, especially wine connoisseurs can’t miss San Lung wine that was a unique gift from the Red Dao. San Lung wine is named after the name of the Red Dao ethnic village-the village of San Lung-Bat Xat-Lao Cai. According to the legend of Dao, San Lung is the wine of heaven. As the result, the special wine is used only for worshiping heaven and earth, ancestors, festival, fair, wedding or treating your best friends.

San Lung wine
San Lung wine

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San Lung wine is a precious wine because it is produced very meticulous by the Red Dao. The necessary ingredients include water stream, rice and herbs. Water is taken from Po Sen stream which is always pure and cool all year round. Rice is selected carefully from terraced field rice planted by the locals. Specially, herbs are many precious and strange leaves, make a unique flavor. After preparing all ingredients carefully, the Dao people will soak rice and brew it with sorghum and herbs. Moreover, only older man in the family knows how to make their unique brewing. Soaking and fermenting also depend on the weather. After fermenting is successful, the wine will be distilled hydro twice. The first time is to remove impurities and filter. The second time, the wine is cooled by the mixture of herbs and Po Sen water stream.

San Lung wine has a unique taste which attracts many wine connoisseurs coming to Sapa. No one can deny the benefits of this special wine. It is said that San Lung wine is the “fairy wine” can relieve pain, prevent cold, flu, blood circulating etc. It is not only specialty wine helping people remove the coolness, the sadness of poverty and contribute the happiness on the Lunar New Year festival of the village but also a precious medicine.